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There's no need to check out! Here's How To Make Your House Look Like A Hotel

Let's be honest: how much do you like staying in a hotel room when you travel? If we're getting down to business, reserving a luxurious hotel is a necessary while arranging a holiday. After all, who wouldn't want to relax in a plush bed after a long day of sight-seeing?

While we lament the rebooked flights and canceled trips over the last year, there is still hope for five-star accommodations. Why not do some styling magic and create your own luxury environment since we're all staying at home anyway?

Getting a hotel-style makeover does not have to be expensive, contrary to popular assumption. We contacted interior designers Angelo Aguilar and Dianne Versoza for advice to help you get started on your own home improvement. You'll be able to rival your favorite hotel in no time, thanks to the proper color palette and the use of smells as a final touch! Fill in the blanks and have fun decorating:

What do you think your peg is?

Look up decor inspiration on Pinterest and go online to explore some of your favorite hotels. Make a list of your favorite things so you can decide what to prioritize. The key, according to Angelo, is to develop coherence. The colors, décor, and furnishings you choose must all work together.

What are your favorite colors?

“A combination of white, beige, and greys can be used. You can choose dark brown or walnut wood for furniture and match it with muted gold décor pieces. Aegean teal can be utilized as an accent color to tie everything together,” Angelo explains. If you think back on the hotel rooms you've stayed in, you'll notice that neutral hues have reigned supreme. These color choices add refinement to a room while still making it feel warm and inviting.

What are the components and accessories that are worth investing in?

Dianne and Angelo advise choosing classic pieces. Be a wise shopper and look for functional essentials that are stylish and comfortable. “Comfort is the ultimate measure of luxury,” Angelo says. “What you purchase should not only enhance the look of your place, but also provide comfort. Condo dwellers may choose to favor versatile furniture and storage pieces,” he says.

Look for a good sofa and an accent chair if your budget allows, and make sure they are high-quality furnishings.

How do you keep track of things?

Keep your home organized and clutter-free to keep it looking luxurious and high-end. Messy countertops and shelves can quickly become eyesores, detracting from the overall image you're striving for.

“Simplicity has a charm to it. Just keep things looking tidy and uncluttered. “Avoid putting too much on display,” Dianne advises.

What is the design of your ideal bedroom?

The bedroom is, of course, one of the greatest aspects of hotels. Reward yourself with a new mattress, a pair of pillows, and fresh bedsheets to create your own envy-worthy sleeping room. Switch your curtains as well to complete the effect.

“Soft furnishings such as curtains and drapes are sometimes disregarded. For the windows, use a combination of blackout and sheer curtains. Consider having a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and a duvet when dressing up a mattress. Use fresh cushion covers and drape a blanket over your sofa if you're sprucing up the living room,” Angelo says.

How can you make the most of your space?

Condos must be adaptable so that you may perform a variety of things in the space. Create versatile nooks, according to the interior designers. It's critical to be able to sleep well, exercise, work, and enjoy your hobbies in the privacy of your own home.

What is your favorite fragrance?

The scents in hotels and hotel rooms contribute to the overall sophisticated atmosphere. Why not follow suit? What fragrance helps you feel at ease and at home? Choose your favorite scent and experiment with room sprays or diffusers. For a sweet finishing touch, consider lavender, bamboo, or vanilla smells.

How do you know it's your house?

Don't forget to make it your own! Make it opulent and high-end, but it must still appear and feel like yours at the end of the day. Use your favorite knickknacks, display photos, and handpick your décor.

What better way to obtain a hotel-like appearance than in a property that sets the bar for design, decor, facilities, and unit options?

SMDC Gold Residences is the ideal place to stay if you want to feel like you're in a hotel. Gold Residences, located across from NAIA Terminal 1 Airport, is an 11.6-hectare master-planned community that emphasizes luxury and prestige. Swimming pools, a fitness center, central parks, and enclave gardens, to name a few amenities, allow you to enjoy the better things in life to the fullest. With the airport only a few minutes away, you may easily travel to your next destination and then return to your own hotel-like space.

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