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The SMDC Good Guys Job Fair is uplifting the neighborhood.

The Good Guys Job Fair is SMDC’s way of bringing employment opportunities closer to local skilled workers.

Many Filipinos are still affected by the pandemic, and many have lost their employment as a result of business closures, project cancellations, and downsizing. Even OFWs were compelled to return home after being laid off from their work abroad.

While the Philippine unemployment rate was projected at 8.7% in April 2021, it was still higher than the record high of 17.6% at the same time last year, accounting for 4.14 million unemployed people. Retail, construction, and manufacturing are among the industries that are still impacted.

SMDC, never one to turn down an opportunity to help, has held a series of Good Guys Job Fairs for citizens in the surrounding areas of SMDC communities. The company invites its suppliers and contractors who accept job applications to work with the SM Foundation, SM Malls, The Philippine Red Cross, local police districts, and Local Government Units (LGUs) in collaboration with the SM Foundation, SM Malls, The Philippine Red Cross, local police districts, and Local Government Units (LGUs).

SMDC, together with the LGU, local police district, SM Foundation, SM Malls, and The Philippine Red Cross mounts a safe job fair for the applicants.

SMDC has already held job fairs in locations such as Paranaque and Novaliches, Quezon City, where they collaborated with the Quezon City Police District for their "Serbisyong Tama Caravan." “Through this public-private cooperation, we hope to contribute to the country's eventual growth. Hopefully, initiatives like these will deepen the partnership between the public and private sectors. “The police force and the community,” stated QCPD District Director Police Brigadier General Antonio Yarra. “We should all band together to help each other cope with the pandemic's dilemma. This job fair strives to bring possibilities closer to communities and other industries so that people can find jobs that are a good fit for them.”

SMDC's contractors and suppliers hired several of the individuals who attended the job fair on the spot.

A new job has given me new optimism.

Jose Nelson Mativo, who applied as a finishing mason, was one of the new hires. Jose had a steady income before the epidemic since there were so many construction projects that required his expertise, and he was able to provide for his wife and child. However, COVID-19 occurred, leaving him jobless as projects were halted and he was unable to report to work. He and his family were forced to rely on government assistance supplies and donations from relatives due to a lack of savings and a source of income.

When the limitations were eased, Jose was able to locate a few jobs in his neighborhood and earn some money, but it wasn't enough to support his growing family. “Kaya nga thrilled ako nung may nagsabi sa akin na kakilala ko mula sa The SMDC held a job fair in Barangay Gulod, which was held at SM Novaliches. He explained, "Para daw ito sa mga construction workers na kagaya ko."

SMDC Good Guys Job Fair applicants like Jose Nelson Mativo were provided free pre-employment medical examination, and assistance in acquiring police clearance. Mativo wasvery happy to be among those who were hired during The Good Guys Job Fair.

Jose rushed to SM Novaliches on the day of the job fair in order to be first in line. “Kita na agad ang pag-asikaso nila sa mga aplikante sa labas pa lang. To tulungan kami sa Police Clearance, nandun ang Quezon City Police. “Ang Red Cross, nandun din ang health criteria namin.” He applied to three companies before settling on one that offered him a position. or a mason and an electrician, both of which he was capable of. “Tuwang-tuwa ako nung umuwi ako pagkatapos ng job fair. Magkakatrabaho na uli kasi magkakatrabaho na uli kasi magkakatrabaho na ul I'm always prepared to travel. Ito sa pamilya na ito na ito na ito na ito As a result, ito sa mga anak ko.”

The Good Guys Job Fair will be held in all cities in the Philippines, according to the SMDC. The second leg will take place on Friday, July 23 at the Brgy. 54 Basketball Court in Pasadena.

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