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The SMDC and its sustainability pillars

When SMDC talks about sustainability, it takes a multi-pronged approach that is built on three unique pillars: economic, environmental, and social sustainability. "SMDC Sustainable" makes actual sense and isn't just lip service or jumping on a bandwagon because of its holistic approach.

To be honest, since the epidemic, sustainability has become a catchphrase, a virtue that most businesses aspire to bestow upon themselves like a tiara, crown, or medal. These firms are off to the races, proclaiming themselves champions of sustainability, as long as they have one attribute or one program that speaks of sustainability. It's their road map to being cool, having CSR, and winning the respect of Millennials who consider sustainability as a crucial element of any company's goal.

SMDC’s Vine Residences in Novaliches, winner of the Best Upper Affordable Condo Development (Metro Manila) in the Philippine Property Awards, has portions of its structure suspended from its soil to prevent flooding and corrosion.

I admire much more the quiet way in which SMDC has incorporated sustainability into its overall company philosophy. Sustainability is ingrained in the way it does business today, rather than being viewed as an afterthought or an illustration of its CSR efforts. The organization focuses on a number of feasible options for achieving the aim of sustainability. In many ways, SMDC has become a developer of sustainable communities for more Filipinos.

SMDC's economic sustainability depends on creating jobs in the areas where its projects are built. This occurs throughout the development process, from building through completion, and then on a long-term basis through the employment of persons involved in community administration. During the lockdown, when hundreds of Filipinos lost their employment, SMDC launched "The Good Guys New Market," which offered displaced Filipino workers job options. More than 130 people have found new occupations as a result of this program.

SMDC, in partnership with Red Cross, conducts bloodletting program during its The Good Guys Job Market.

Hundreds of Filipinos found new job with SMDC’s The Good Guys Job Market.

The environmental sustainability of its communities is important to SMDC because of the durability of the developments and how they meticulously follow building codes to ensure that the structures can resist most calamities. Garden areas, footpaths, bike lanes, and, if appropriate, flood control programs and measures are all dedicated to "green living." Environmental measures continue to be incorporated into SMDC developments, contributing to the objective of a greener tomorrow.

In the interest of social sustainability, SMDC is glad to declare that its properties are affordable to a wide range of people, while maintaining high standards and quality. Safe spaces for the most vulnerable members of society are provided in SMDC communities. Community management is accomplished through a variety of sustainable strategies.

In addition, SMDC promotes good health in its communities. Residents and partner villages receive medical help, medicines, and Covid-19 immunizations through its health and wellness caravans.

SMDC’s The Good Guys Weekend Market, recipient of Silver Anvil Award, enabled hundreds of livelihood opportunities during the pandemic.

SMDC got an Anvil Silver Award for "The Good Guys Weekend Market" at the 57th Anvil Awards' Gabi ng Parangal for how it empowered communities and neighborhoods to survive during the epidemic. This honor demonstrates SMDC's dedication to creating and nurturing happy, healthy, and prosperous communities. As a result, SMDC citizens and partners, especially local government units, may expect more programs to be introduced to help them grow and thrive.

This demonstrates how SMDC's sustainability efforts have consistently received third-party recognition in recent years. It's proof that this multi-pronged, multi-front approach is a more practical, comprehensive, and holistic manner of incorporating sustainability into their daily operations.

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