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The New Normal: The SMDC Brings Coworking Spaces to Condos

SMDC's ICE Tower Residential-Offices reinvents the new reality of remote work by creating a home where productivity thrives.

Remote employment has become the new normal following the abrupt closure of numerous businesses, workplaces, and even our favorite coffee shops. This huge transition in the workforce is expected in the future, allowing for new levels of freedom and flexibility in the workplace. However, being imprisoned up in our own homes, where clocking off feels mentally more difficult, has a negative impact on many employees' productivity and creativity.SM Development Corp. (SMDC) increases its footprints in the city by adding the popularity of collaborative workspaces or "co-working spaces" to their latest condo building, in response to a need for a conducive location to work outside of the standard office set-up.

The ICE Tower Residential-Offices by SMDC officially establishes co-working spaces as an important feature of the modern workplace. The 17-story structure, designed with the modern entrepreneur in mind, will include elegant business, fitness, and social hubs that will provide inhabitants with access to workstations, office supplies, and meeting rooms, as well as health services like gyms and rooftop decks. The project spans 3,859 square meters and has 844 units with two-bedroom, one-bedroom, and studio layouts.

The Advantages of Using Residential-Offices

1. Mental Distinction

This setup creates a conceptual barrier between home and work life. If you need to print materials, go to the building's business hub, which is equipped with all of the necessary office equipment. Take the elevator up to your unit for some handmade food during your lunch break, and for those days when you have a light workload, go for a swim in the pool, which also has calming gardens and an eagle's eye view of Manila Bay.

2. Save as much as you can

Entrepreneurs can save money by having the same business and residential address in a city with a growing number of e-commerce and small companies during the epidemic. In addition, they have a pay-as-you-go system for board rooms and office supplies. These collaborative spaces also aim to assist people in networking and making contacts in a more relaxed setting, similar to the comfort and productivity that comes with meeting at a coffee shop.

3. Work at your leisure

Those whose creative juices flow after dusk or who collaborate with overseas companies will find that their business hubs are open 24 hours a day, with fiber optic internet access. Their 100 percent backup power system ensures that work will continue as usual at all times.

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