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The Good Life SMDC

The only way to get a true sense of Bacolod is to be there in the middle of it all. Here you will find your happy zone.

Bacolod City attracts visitors from all over the Philippines and the world who come to view its gorgeous views and learn about its distinct culture. Bacolod is overflowing with delights waiting to be discovered, from The Ruins to its enticing delicacies. If you live in the popular city, though, these marvels are just part of everyday life, and it's easy to take them for granted. It would be beneficial.

It's easy to be enthusiastic about a location when you're viewing it for the first time, which puts residents at a disadvantage. As unavoidable as it is to fall into a pattern, there are methods for residents to break free from passively living in their area and see things with new eyes. It's as simple as acting more like a tourist. Here's how to do it:

Mix things up a little.

Even though the views and experiences remain the same, there are numerous methods to rediscover them and make them feel fresh once more. Tourists prefer to wring every last drop of adventure from new events, knowing that they may never get another chance to do so.

Locals, like tourists, might attempt new activities to rekindle their sense of wonder and enthusiasm. Instead of simply exploring The Ruins, why you bring a sketchpad and a set of pencils on your next visit and try drawing the historical site's beauty? You can hold a drawing session in a neighboring coffee shop or in the comfort of your own home if you have images as reference.

Another enjoyable activity? Aside from eating the local specialty, search up recipes you can make at home and learn how to do so online.

Keep your focus on the now.

When traveling, tourists make a conscious effort to take in everything they see and do. Having the same enthusiasm for where you live, just like a tourist, allows you to get more out of life's everyday events. Prepare to take a risk and do something you've never done before. You'll be attempting something new or looking at things from a different perspective before you know it.

Change your perspective.

Due to the distance between their residences and these haunts, it can get monotonous for many Bacolenos to constantly seek out new experiences throughout the city. Tourists are usually afforded ease of access to these locations because hotels and rentals are located in excellent areas in the city. When everything is within reach, you can't afford to miss out on anything.

Building Facade, Artist’s Perspective

A change of location is an excellent method to speed up your daily routine. Smile Residences by SMDC allows you to do just that. It is located in the center of Bacolod, within the Reclamation Area, bringing you closer to the city's entertainment and retail hubs.

What's the best part? SM City Bacolod is right around the corner! Enjoy the variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment options available. You can also go to Bacolod Baywalk and other local establishments to see what they have to offer. When you observe them from a closer vantage point, there's suddenly more to do and see. Take a walk through the lushly landscaped park, swim in the pool, or sweat it out in the gym.

Amenity Area, Artist’s Perspective

Smile Residences is your own happy place, with an unobstructed view of the beautiful Bacolod coastline and resort-like amenities that make you feel like you're on vacation every day you're here. Make a conscious effort to do more and avoid allowing routine to prevent you from really experiencing life.

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