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SMDC sets benchmark in modern convenience

Convenience has never become as vital and life-changing as it is today.With the rise of the so-called new normal amid the community quarantine and threat of COVID-19, people have begun to see how convenience is no longer just a luxury but rather a well-meaning necessity that could spell one’s survival.

Today, one’s notion of modern convenience is all about having a home in a district that offers easy access—either just a short ride away or within walking distance—to key establishments, institutions, offices and business districts; to essential shops and services; and even to retail, dining and entertainment centers. Such kind of convenience is distinctly evident in integrated retail and lifestyle developments, where your essentials can be readily had—an exceptional benefit that proved to be a lifesaver during this ongoing lockdown.

This is why the integrated mall lifestyle pioneered by SM Development Corp. (SMDC) has taken centerstage amid the COVID-19 outbreak and quarantine. Residents in its various projects found no difficulty in securing their needs since a mall or a commercial strip has always been an integral part of all SMDC developments—even long before this pandemic happened. Ideal home

SMDC developments have thus proven to be ideal in critical times. What used to be just a convenience or an add-on for some projects has now become a necessity.

Such convenience afforded to residents of all SMDC developments was aptly highlighted during the pandemic. Since all its projects have either built-in commercial establishments or an SM mall right beside them, residents have ready and easy access to the essentials—grocery, pharmacy, service center and ATM—all within the community.

Given the “new normal” amid the growing COVID-19 scare, SMDC projects have indeed raised the bar in urban living—providing unparalleled modern comforts and conveniences, highly strategic location, accessibility and topnotch amenities even before the actual need for these arose. And today, residents who invested in an SMDC home are clearly reaping the benefits.

Add to that, all SMDC projects are poised to accommodate the new normal such as work-from-home (WFH) arrangements since its developments have been designed to integrate work, life and play within one community. Its WiFi-equipped lounges provide the perfect setting for this. Further, SMDC developments are situated in major CBDs and near transport hubs, providing residents easy access to the essentials and to their workplaces.  All these benefits taken together would meanwhile give the investor the assurance that his money is safe and will continue to grow.

A good case in point is the 46-storey Light 2 Residences in Mandaluyong City, which is poised to offer that enviable convenience of the famed integrated mall lifestyle.

Rising beside Light Residences and the Edsa-Boni MRT Station, Light 2 Residences has the unique advantage of its synergies with the SM Group and affiliates such as SM Markets, Watsons and BDO. SMDC’s latest offering will ensure that your necessities will be an elevator ride away as Light 2 Residences will have its own mall that will house all the essential stores for the residents’ utmost comfort and convenience.

Strategic location

Since it stands on a highly strategic central location, SMDC Light 2 Residences is also accessible to and from all key points across the metro. Most offices and commercial establishments within the business districts would be about half an hour from Light 2 Residences—a ride or commute made easier by the fact that it is connected to the MRT Boni Station and that it’s literally right beside a major thoroughfare like Edsa.

In a few years, residents in this complex will also get to reap the benefits of proposed infrastructure projects such as the Metro Manila Subway Project and the Pasig-BGC bridge.

Modern convenience

Light 2 Residences offers another kind of convenience too: hotel-like lobbies, social spaces and services as it will have a property doorman, reception services, 24-hour security, comprehensive CCTV coverage, onsite concierge, and on-demand professional cleaning and house repair.

Its resort-styled amenities meanwhile can be found within an almost-hectare expanse of landscaped private urban park at the 8th floor. Having the function lounges, indoor and outdoor gym, kid’s play area, an entertainment room and a game room within the development means residents can relax, unwind or keep track of their fitness goals without needing to leave the comfort of their homes.

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