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Red Residences: A Makati address that ignites your passions.

SM Development Corporation's (SMDC) residential development, Red Residences, is located on Chino Roces Avenue. Red Residences embodies the live-work-play philosophy, appealing to the current trend of convenient living.

If you're seeking to embark on a life filled with passion but find yourself unsure of where to begin, look no further than Chino Roces Avenue. This unique cityscape offers an ideal oasis that perfectly balances the demands of work and play, all nestled within Makati City.

Tailored living spaces

Red Residences is designed with a keen understanding of the modern urbanite’s needs. The well-thought-out living spaces offer comfort and functionality.  This means residents can create a home environment that truly suits their lifestyle, allowing them to relax and recharge after a long day or engage in personal hobbies and pursuits that fuel their passion.

Live-work integration

Red Residences recognizes the growing trend of remote work and entrepreneurship. It provides designated areas for work, such as flexible co-working spaces within the development. This live-work integration allows young professionals to seamlessly transition between their professional and personal lives, making it easier to pursue their careers while also indulging in their passions.

Play and recreation

The inclusion of designated spaces for play and recreation within Red Residences encourages a healthy work-life balance. Amenities like gyms, swimming pools, and recreational areas provide opportunities for relaxation and physical activity. This fosters not only physical well-being but also mental and emotional wellness, ensuring that residents can maintain their passion and energy levels.

Access to a Thriving Neighborhood

Chino Roces Avenue is known for its thriving ecosystem of restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and entertainment options. Living in such a dynamic neighborhood provides young professionals with endless opportunities for socializing, networking, and exploring various interests. This access to a rich urban environment enriches their lives and exposes them to new experiences and influences that can ignite or further their passions.

The mix of Red Residences’ thoughtfully designed live-work-play environment and its location within the dynamic Chino Roces Avenue neighborhood creates a synergy that ignites and sustains the passions of young urban professionals.

Furthermore, Red Residences serves as a valuable long-term investment. Chino Roces Avenue’s ongoing redevelopment has fueled rising property values, making this area a sought-after destination for real estate investors.


To know more about Red Residences and score invites to the upcoming investor’s night, follow SMDC on its official Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok accounts, or visit the SMDC website.

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