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Putting resources into the hour of COVID-19

Abroad Filipino, exile, abroad network pioneer. There are numerous things you may call Ben Lebig, Jr. However when you meet him, yet basically, his lowliness and soul will promptly win your regard. Ben is a family man, a chief at oil monster Chevron, business visionary, advocate, and cheerful SM Development Corporation (SMDC) speculator and mortgage holder.

"The pandemic isn't care for anything we've encountered in the course of our life," Ben starts. "For us here, particularly for myself, it's a twofold edged blade since I'm not just liable for my family and myself. I'm additionally a network chief here in the UAE."

Ben Lebig, Jr. disperses products to the Filipino people group in UAE

The Filipinos in UAE are 800,000-in number. Countless them are in Dubai. Ben, who had consistently worked intimately with the Philippine Consulate and other network pioneers in Dubai, saw firsthand the pandemic's impact on Filipinos there.

"With work cuts, pay cuts, redundancies, and the entirety of that, it's been our obligation, as pioneers, to help as much as could reasonably be expected," he shares.

A good example

Ben right now fills in as an account and choice help investigator for Chevron, covering Europe, Middle East, and Africa. He is the point of convergence of the improvement of the oil organization's strategy for the said areas. Financial plan, strategies, system, name it — this Filipino is at the middle. He has the strategy for the areas calculated into the US mother organization's field-tested strategy.

It is likewise option to state that with regards to back, Ben has the fitness. To such an extent, he likewise fills in as the executive of Registered Financial Planners Association of the Philippines – UAE section. This is the place where Ben's promotion of money related education becomes possibly the most important factor. He helps individual Filipinos in the UAE with their monetary choices and venture objectives.

Ben comprehends the heaviness of what he says to the next OFWs in the UAE. He rushes to offer direction to Filipinos from varying backgrounds.

Time to broaden

The securing of SMDC properties in the Philippines was not a choice that Ben and his better half made softly, particularly since they chose to put it all on the line in a pandemic.

"It took a long time of planning and long stretches of exploration. As an account individual myself, the monetary perspective is a major segment of our dynamic," says Ben.

Ben has different speculations: paper resources, common assets, variable general life coverage, financial exchange, and a business.

"I am a co-proprietor of an organization in the Philippines that produces winged serpent natural product. We have five ranches at the present time, in Ilocos, Arayat and Batangas. The drawn out arrangement is to trade," he shares.

He realized the time had come to differentiate his speculation portfolio. The most intelligent next speculation was land. "Land is a hard resource. Different speculations may become precarious, however not land," he says nicely. "It's consistently a soothing idea that land will consistently be there. That is the reason we came into this continuous direction for our expansion."

SMDC as the most ideal decision

Following three months of due determination, investigating land organizations in the Philippines, Ben and his significant other chose to go for SMDC. They realized it was the correct choice.

"In all honesty, the pandemic was likewise a decent push for us. Due to the pandemic, we understood that land is one of those cautious ventures that we ought to have. Land is tough," says Ben.

Everything in one spot

He accepts his speculation decisions are key and have sound budgetary worth. Not long ago, he was in Manila for an excursion for work. He remained with a companion who was an occupant of Light Residences. He became hopelessly enamored with the spot.

"I cherished the spot, its pleasantries, and including a shopping center inside the improvement in light of the accommodation it gives. The key area is awesome," Ben says.

He chose to likewise put resources into Sail Residences as a result of his vision of what the zone will in the long run become. He says that one ought to consistently observe past what is before him. "Shopping center of Asia (MOA) is the middle," he says.

MOA's area makes making a trip to the remainder of Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, and Batangas a breeze.

A brilliant future with SMDC

Ben can plainly envision the advancements in MOA in the coming years: "We're amped up for Sail Residences as a result of what it can offer to us at the turnover time. What the MOA territory will resemble and its latent capacity carries an incentive to financial specialists who own property on that side of Manila."

Those two things were the main thrusts that helped him choose to put resources into a SMDC property decisively: "The fundamental factor for putting resources into land with SMDC is the venture esteem. You see the capability of the spot, the capability of a property on that part of town. If we decide to resign in the Philippines, it doesn't make a difference. Now, we take a gander at these properties as speculation portfolio things."

SMDC and the OFWs' well deserved cash

Lebig joins different talking commitment to support Filipinos, particularly those situated in UAE.

It was an inquiry that asked to be posed: "What makes SMDC worth your well deserved cash?"

"SMDC has consistently been known to give excellent ventures as well as tasks that are extremely key, entirely reasonable. It has just culminated this joining of metropolitan living with a shopping center and with top notch enhancements you can appreciate. Regardless of whether it's five or 15 years down the line, they'll be our accomplices since they manufactured our properties," he says.

"In a pandemic, we chose to contribute with SMDC on the grounds that we have seen what they can do. We perceive how they conveyed their past tasks and the nature of their undertakings. SMDC will ensure the SM brand, so they will make every effort to ensure they convey over the desires for their customers," he covers.

Ben knows doubtlessly that he made the best choice when he put resources into SMDC.

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