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On SMDC's YouTube channel, supermoms Sarah Lahbati and Ryza Cenon take home improvement to new heigh

If you believe there's only so much you can accomplish with the restricted space in your condominium, think again. You may make your unit appear larger than life with a little ingenuity and some strategically placed storage.

The added benefit is that condo unit space is easy to clean, which is great for neat freaks and allergy sufferers.

On this special month for homemakers, #TheGoodHome on SMDC TV has all of this and more in store for you. We deserve a room that can do it all for us now that we work, play, and rest in the same place – a room that can be a living space, an office, a school, a playground, a gym, and even a spa.

#TheGoodHome, the newest addition to SMDC TV's lineup, combines all of these elements.

May is dedicated to moms and expert mom advice.

#TheGoodHome, which premieres this month, was shot on site at Shore 2 Residences along Seaside Boulevard in Pasay City and stars actress and mother Sarah Lahbati-Gutierrez.

Sarah demonstrates easy-to-follow space-saving and housekeeping solutions using Our Home items.

To preserve space and manage your energy efficiently, Sarah recommends that you:

Invest on products that can be stored. Make the most of your vertical space. Use mirrors on the walls to create the illusion of more space. Vertical elements should be highlighted. To generate openness, expose the legs of your furniture.

Sarah, ever the Good Mom, urges her viewers to focus on assignments that are simple to do and to divide the unit into zones. Before moving on to the more private rooms, start with the shared or communal places. Bedrooms are private spaces. The balcony and washing can be put off until later.

Sarah will share advice on how to give your condo unit a luxurious interior design or makeover in the coming episodes.

After that, actress and YouTube celebrity Ryza Cenon, a mother of a baby, will speak on making condo areas safe for newborns, among other themes of interest to women like her.

The Good Home is one of SMDC TV's many products, which also includes suggestions on fitness and healthy eating (The Good Fit) and serenades your homes with OPM greats every Friday evening in Good Times with The Good Guys, which features performances from the country's greatest musicians. All of this is for the SMDC Residences' Good Guys, who deserve a Good Home.

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