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Is There Any Other Reason To Move? Green Tunnels are being built in Iloilo.

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It's no secret that Iloilo is the walkable city that all other Philippine cities aspire to be—and they're also leading the way in terms of bike-friendliness. There are plans in the works for a “Green Tunnel” project to bring additional plants to their cityscape! On October 6, City Mayor Jerry P. Treas revealed this on his Facebook page. Take a peek at the beautiful paths that the city administration is planning.

According to Iloilo Today, the first "Green Tunnel" would be built over the bike lane on Diversion Road. To finish the unique city garden, it will be roughly 4.5 to 6 meters long and covered in vines and other plants. In addition, 32 plant-filled waiting huts will be erected along Diversion Road's loading bays.

The mayor commented online, "I charged our City Engineer's Office with developing a strategy for sustainable development in various regions of the city." “In the absence of trees, [these Green Tunnels] will serve as a climate change mitigation or adaptation measure by softening concrete roads.”

Green Tunnel Proposed Design

Green Tunnel Proposed Design

The City Engineer's Office has so far presented three concepts. “We are still finalizing the plan to determine which one is relevant for the city so that we can meet our needs in terms of social, environmental, and economic challenges,” the mayor stated.

As a result of the quarantine, bicycles have become a popular form of transportation around the country. However, even before the pandemic, Iloilo City promoted the use of bicycles. During the Phil-Bike Awards in 2018, the city won the prize for "Most Bike-Friendly City" for supporting sustainable biking practices. Iloilo City increased the number of bike lanes in September.

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