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In Health And In Illness

The Good Guys help people in the SMDC and beyond.

What kind of people live in your neighborhood?

After a year of fighting a pandemic with many mutations and no signs of slowing down, where you live and who you live with are important.

They are important not only for survival but also for staying safe, keeping a stable mind so that we can function or make ends meet at home, and connecting with others so that we are not alone with our fears, anxieties, and worries.

The Good Guys have taken action to ensure that their neighborhoods are treated with the utmost respect. The Health and Wellness Caravan, which is touring various SMDC communities, is one such project.

With free care and medications, you will be free of illness.

Residents will get free check-ups, blood tests, blood pressure checks, chest X-rays, medications, and reading glasses at the Health and Wellness Caravan.

A doctor from the Philippine Red Cross tests the residents and their test results, prescribes medication, and distributes it when it is available.

In true bayanihan style, SMDC residents help coordinate and support their neighbors.

The caravan also involves bloodletting as a way of paying it forward. COVID-19 patients receive much-needed blood from residents. The SMDC and Red Cross have been exchanging energy for the past two years and counting.

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