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How To Retire In Style And Comfort In A Home You Love

Most employees look forward to retirement, where they can get their well-deserved rest. For OFWs who miss being in Manila with their family, coming home and retiring is on top of their wish list.

What do you picture when you think of retirement? Is it days doing nothing, relaxing by the pool, doing activities as they come? Do you see a comfortable retirement home with a breathtaking view that you can enjoy while sipping your coffee?

Soon-to-be retiring OFWs had these to say about what they want in a retirement home they want to call their own.

Every day is a rewarding experience!

Many OFWs want a retirement home that is the fruit of their labor, proof of all their years dedicated to giving their life to others. Now it’s time for them to treat themselves!

Be in a sea of luxury at the SMDC Sands Residences, where you get to live the 5-star hotel life every single day. From the grand lobby of whites and golds to a sunset lounge, living by the bay has never been so luxurious—and within reach!

A room with a view

It’s human nature to seek out sunlight, greenery, and anything that gets you closer to Mother Earth. You instantly feel calm, happy, and relaxed—everything you would want to feel when you go on retirement.

Why not feel that way every day? At Sands Residences, you wake up seeing Manila Bay. The expertly created lap pool lets you take a dip in the water whenever you feel like it. And when you want to relax and soak up the sunshine, the sunset lanai is where you go. Finish each day with the view of the Manila Bay sunset. There’s nothing as spectacular as that in the world!

Enough space to relax

The upkeep of too large a space will keep you occupied for most of the day, taking time away from enjoying your retirement.

Find yourself a space that’s roomy enough to move around, contain all that you to keep your things in order, do a few minutes of tidying daily, and you can spend the rest of the day lounging in bed or taking in the outdoors from your balcony. At the Sands Residences, you get to step out and enjoy the calming view of Manila Bay alongside Manila’s bustle and charm.

A drive away from fascinating sights

For retirees, sometimes you need a change of scenery to break the monotony of their daily life. Manila is brimming with activities for you to do, and its storied history gives you endless sightseeing opportunities. When you retire at the Sands Residences, you live in the middle of historical Manila, a drive away from the country’s best museums, Intramuros, Luneta Park, and so much more.

Opportunities for leisure activities

Most retirees picture being by the beach as their ideal spot. But more often, retirees wish for a day to do absolutely nothing. Waking up with a blank day to be filled up as you go along is everyone’s dream!

The Sands Residences has a lap pool and fitness gym to keep you busy. If you want to relax with a good book or unwind, the sunset lanai and sunset lounge are perfect places to go for some R&R.

Many OFWs are surprised to come home to a Manila that’s completely different than what they left years ago. But, however it may look on the outside, it’s still a beautiful place to retire to and the best place to call home. Visit and get one step closer to the retirement home you deserve.

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