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How much money can you make on Airbnb in the Philippines in 2023?

Have you ever wondered, is Airbnb profitable in the Philippines? Or even how much do you earn from Airbnb in the Philippines? It’s an excellent business for so many Filipinos and foreigners across the Philippines, and in some cases, hosts are able to earn a full-time living from this business.

But how much do you earn from Airbnb in the Philippines? This will depend on many factors, as we will discuss below. However, as a basic guide, a small studio could earn a few thousand pesos profit per month if rented for the whole month. If customers are paying day rates, it is high season. The room type is different, the location is unique, etc., then these factors could lead to a higher Airbnb income in the Philippines..

If you are looking at how much do you earn from Airbnb in the Philippines from a hotel or hostel, then this is a more complex answer as there are many added extras to this establishment. However, later on, we will be looking at if Airbnb is still profitable in the Philippines and how you can see if it is still profitable for your situation.

Furthermore, you’re going to be finding out the answers to these exact questions. You will also be discovering how to register for Airbnb in the Philippines, as well as many other questions you may have associated with this business.

There is more! Airbnb is not just for hosts. Many entrepreneurs and individuals who are looking to increase their income sign up to Airbnb and offer experiences. During the COVID-19 pandemic (which we shall speak about more later), many experiences were taken online, which allowed many courses and experiences are to be sold by everyday people.

How Can You Make Money With Airbnb In The Philippines?

Before looking at how Airbnb works in the Philippines, a common question is, what is the Airbnb income for the Philippines, and how can you earn money on Airbnb? There are many different ways how to earn money on Airbnb in the Philippines. The most commonly known method is hosting an accommodation, room, or suite, but this is not the only option.

Commonly, hosts wonder if it’s better to earn money on Airbnb in the Philippines or choose a different platform. There are pros and cons to choosing Airbnb as your primary platform; however, many possible entrepreneurs see success by utilizing all online platforms. But how do each of these platforms compare? Below is a small chart on the comparison between different platforms.

If you are looking to maximize your earnings on Airbnb, offering tours and experiences is a great way to earn additional pesos. Here is a list of a few examples of Airbnb experiences that are popular across the Philippines

  • Cooking Class

  • Scuba Diving

  • Waterfall Tour

  • Painting Class

  • Adventure Trekking Tool

  • Sightseeing Tool

  • Yoga Lessons

  • Photography Lessons

  • Farming Tools

As you can see, there are many different ways to earn money on Airbnb in the Philippines. The above options are a few of the most popular experiences we have found while looking at Davao, Manila, and Cebu; however, many different tourist hotspots would benefit from different types of experiences.

As mentioned previously, you may also have the option to cross-sale or upsell to your customers, which will help improve your profitability and overall increase your Airbnb income in the Philippines.

Is Airbnb A Profitable Business In The Philippines?

Airbnb can be extremely profitable in the Philippines. Several key factors determine the success of an Airbnb business. These factors include; the accommodation, the season, the expenses, and finally, the type of customer.

For example, let take the accommodation, a business owner could earn more profit from a small hostel on the beach than a big hotel in the city. This example may seem unbelievable at first; however, the accommodation on the beach is a hostel and typically has lower expenses than a large hotel in the city. Additionally, there are several services a hostel can offer its guest to improve its profitability.

When asking, is Airbnb profitable in the Philippines, it’s wise to look at this business through the eyes of an entrepreneur. For example, some hosts decide to rent out a spare room in their house. But do not offer the client any extras, such as a laundry service. In other words, If you can upsell and/or cross-sale, this is a great way to increase your Airbnb income in the Philippines, but again this will depend upon the type of client you are serving.

Nonetheless, the four factors above will ultimately determine the level of profitability in your Airbnb business. For example, suppose you are purchasing a condominium for an investment. In that case, this kind of property is still profitable, but it is not likely to generate a full-time income unless you have multiple properties.

Therefore if you are wondering, is Airbnb profitable in the Philippines, then it will ultimately depend upon your situation and goals. From feedback and speaking to Filipino hosts across the country, profitability is a mixed bag. Some hosts can make a fantastic profit, some break even, and unfortunately, some hosts lose money.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many hosts worldwide suffered financially due to travel restrictions and government controls. Therefore, COVID-19 was an unavoidable situation… why this is important because It shows that profit is not fixed and fluctuates with the market and external circumstances.

Who Can Register On Airbnb?

One benefit of listing your property on Airbnb in the Philippines is that Airbnb has low requirements for hosts. Having said this, you will need to ensure that your accommodation is suitable and safe for guests. The criteria to be a host, as mentioned, is low, but it is also free to join, which makes the platform very tempting.

To start, you will need to head over to Airbnb’s official website and click on “become a host.” Then, on the top right-hand side (a full breakdown of steps is listed below).

How Airbnb Works In The Philippines?

If you are a host, how Airbnb works in the Philippines is relatively straightforward. First, you will need to list the accommodation you have available on Airbnb’s website (condominium, hostel, hotel, treehouse, room, etc.). Next, you can choose your schedule, your prices, and your requirements for the guests. Finally, once approved, guests can book your accommodation, and you can start to earn.

One of the great things about Airbnb is that they have 24-hour support. The support is for the hosts as well as the guest. They also have a complete help section dedicated to hosts looking to start generating an income from their accommodation.

When wondering how Airbnb works in the Philippines, you may come across the term “super host.” A superhost is a host who has shown extraordinary experiences to their guests. This is typically awarded through reviews and feedback. Airbnb has its terms and conditions specifically for Superhosts. In addition, super hosts are awarded a visible badge, which increases the likelihood that their accommodation will be booked.

Another common question new hosts ask when looking at how Airbnb works in the Philippines is, when and how do hosts get paid? Airbnb has several payment options, including PayPal and direct debit. Airbnb will charge a fee for each booking, typically at the 3% mark; however, this is not fixed and might be slightly higher.

Payments to the hosts are often released 24 hours after the guest’s official check-in time. If your guests stay for several months, then payment will be released monthly.

How To Register For Airbnb In The Philippines?

The process of registering to become an Airbnb host in the Philippines is the same process for all countries. Once you are on the Airbnb website, you will be able to click “become a host” at the top right-hand side, which will take you onto a screen where you can input your information and begin your hosting journey.

It can sometimes seem daunting when wondering how to register for Airbnb in the Philippines. However, Airbnb’s platform has made it exceptionally easy to get started.

Earn Extra Income From Airbnb Philippines

When we asked the question of how much do you earn on Airbnb in the Philippines, ultimately, the answer depends on your accommodation/space and the client as well as external factors. There are always ways how a host can improve how much they earn on Airbnb in the Philippines by offering extra services or new experiences.

We also investigated how to register for Airbnb in the Philippines, and we found it is a simple process. This process is one that most people can do as long as their accommodation is safe and suitable for travelers. However, it is best to read Airbnb’s full terms and conditions to help you become a successful host.

Next, we looked at how Airbnb works in the Philippines, and we can see that this process is relatively simple. Airbnb is the middle man and helps find the right customer for the right accommodation in its simplest terms.

Finally, we investigated the common question, is Airbnb profitable in the Philippines? Yes, Airbnb is profitable in the Philippines. However, it’s important to consider that Airbnb charges a small fee, and the payment is only released after the guest’s check-in.

Airbnb is a terrific platform and one that’s made accommodation owners across the world an excellent income for many years. At the same time, other platforms may also benefit your business. From speaking to experienced hosts, turning an accommodation into a full-time income often requires using multiple platforms. Using other sites such as and others will allow you to reach maximum visibility.


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