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How Gold Elevates Everything: A History of the Precious Metal

From the golden ratio in nature and sparkling jewels to SMDC Gold Residences, the presence of gold always gives a Midas touch.

We take a look at the legacy of gold, from ancient treasures to modern wonders of the world.

In 1971, rock band Led Zeppelin wrote the legendary anthem “Stairway to Heaven,” making a play on Shakespeare with the lyrics: “There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold, and she’s buying a stairway to Heaven.” While the song speaks about a woman who thinks that riches and fine things are the way to happiness, the song suggests the idea of gold goes deeper.

Now, the allure of gold transforms into everyday living spaces, like those offered at SMDC Gold Residences.

A two-bedroom living space in SMDC Gold Residences subtly incorporates the warmth of the element.

Fixtures of a one-bedroom SMDC Gold Residences unit create a sense of spaciousness and luxury.

Gold is associated with opulence, fortune, and abundance, or as a reward for going the extra mile. In the function halls of SMDC Gold Residences, the designs incorporate the inherent elegance of gilded designs.

A natural metal found on our earth, the science behind gold is pretty magical. There are many theories to the metal’s origin, all of which point to the explosion of supernova stars. From the delicate artistry of gold leaf to the mathematical poetry of the “Golden Ratio,” its influence stretches far beyond its material form. We embark on a journey to explore how gold, with its various facets, elevates everything with a Midas touch.

A Gilded Art History

In the world of art, gold leaf has been used as a way of reverence for centuries. Ancient Egyptians were pioneers in mastering the art of gold leaf as they adorned their pharaohs’ tombs. In the Middle Ages, gold decorated churches, altars, and religious figures. From Byzantine mosaics to Renaissance paintings, gold leaf continued to transform anything in art into something ethereal and otherworldly.

In Ancient Egypt, gold was referred to as the “Flesh of the gods” and was used to craft sacred objects reserved for royalty and nobility. King Tut’s tomb contained vast riches of gold that captivated many, while Egypt’s access to Nubian wealth is evident in its ancient name, “nbw,” which means gold in Egyptian.

Pure gold is bright, warm, and malleable, and has been considered one of the rarest and most valuable metals — ultimately placing massive value on an artwork. Seen is artist Yves Klein’s 1958 artwork “Monogold.” Image: Sotheby’s

Art takes center stage in the lobby plans for SMDC Gold, showing dramatic light installations and towering paintings that create a high contrast between the glamor of black and gold tones. Just as gold leaf has adorned high art, SMDC Gold Residences embodies sophistication in modern luxury. The interiors combine the colors gold and black to create an opulent and impressive backdrop. Gold rocks resting atop metal sheets formed to resemble water were inspired by how gold was originally discovered. The intent of Singaporean-based luxury hotel architect, Michael Fiebrich Design is to create a space filled with luxury and glitter.

“Golden” Sacred Geometry

In both philosophy and math classes in school, we would study the “Golden Ratio” or as it is known in science, “the Fibonacci sequence.” The golden ratio is a series of measurements that show up in the natural world. While it looks like the shape of a spiral, this elegant order can be found in seashells, flower petals, and even musical harmonies.

The perfect parts of a sunflower naturally match the measurements of the “Golden Ratio.”

This sequence also appears in architectural marvels and has been used in buildings for centuries.

The fact that the “Golden Ratio” repeats in the world around us can’t possibly be a coincidence, and the mathematical patterns make people wonder about this perfect pattern of the universe.

The urban landscape of SMDC Gold Residences is designed by Adrian L. Norman Limited, a Hong Kong-based firm specializing in landscape architecture and master planning. The space incorporates nature into the city with curving gardens, wood-like walkways, warm stones, and water features — much like the flawless mathematical proportions of the Fibonacci sequence, or the Golden Ratio.

The opulence of Gold is extended to the outdoor amenity area in the form of circular golden sunshades. Nature’s Golden Ratio of perfection appears in similar ways in SMDC Gold Residence’s open spaces and amenities. Every corner exudes the same beauty that has captivated humanity for centuries. Just as the Fibonacci sequence harmonizes proportions in the world, SMDC Gold Residences harmonizes modern living with the echoes of history, creating a space where residents can live, thrive, and elevate their lifestyles.

The Glamour of Gold as a High Fashion Stateme

Gold’s influence isn’t limited to the realms of art and mathematics; it also graces the realm of fashion and beauty. Gold, as it is melted, is forged into all manners of artful jewels. For centuries, gold has conveyed elegance, status, and a connection to something timeless, making the wearer feel absolutely royal with the golden hues. A collection of gold jewelry is a must to elevate any sartorial ensemble.

The Glory of Gold in Modern Living

Like a “golden thread” through time, as we fast-forward to the present day, the influence of gold continues to evolve. Imagine a space that captures the essence of gold’s elevation — SMDC Gold Apartments, the new “gold standard” for living.

Conveniently situated near the Manila airports, the SMDC Gold apartments seamlessly merge the sleekness of practical and contemporary design with the timeless elegance of gold.

The urban landscape is designed by Adrian L. Norman Limited, a Hong Kong-based firm specializing in landscape architecture and master planning.

These luxurious living spaces provide residents with a haven of sophisticated comfort. The thoughtfully designed streetscape enhances walkability, allowing residents to easily explore their surroundings. Additionally, the inclusion of subterranean parking ensures convenience and uncluttered streets.

Located directly across from the airport, SMDC Gold Residences enjoys a prime position at the crossroads of opportunity, making it an ideal choice for both globe-trotting urban dwellers and astute investors seeking substantial land value appreciation.

SMDC Gold Residences is located in Ninoy Aquino Avenue, Brgy. Sto. Nino, Paranaque City. Learn more about SMDC Gold Residences here and elevate life to #TheSMDCGoldStandard

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