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Gold Standard of Restaurants with these Culinary Jewels

Gold food is fascinating. It is not only about enjoying in luxury; it frequently represents something distinct and exceptional. From avant-garde dinners to sumptuous desserts, the use of edible gold has become a mark of luxury and creativity.

In the heart of the city, find the best of gilded food that matches the gold standard, worldwide.

These edible works of art echo the same touch of glamor that radiates from SMDC Gold Residences—tantalizing the senses with the opulence of the precious metal. With a location conveniently near NAIA International Airport, these spots are perfect for the globe-trotting foodie, too.

In the function halls of SMDC Gold Residences, the designs incorporate the elegance of gilded designs, which complement each gastronomic experience.

In the city’s vibrant food culture, there is a surprising range of food adorned with gold flakes.

If you seek a touch of glamour, these golden treasures in Manila elevate the dining experience to unprecedented heights, where the luxury of gold meets the world of gastronomy.

1. The Egg Nest at Somm’s Table

Tucked beneath a brutalist edifice is a space that embodies a union of gastronomic excellence: French fusion haven Somm’s table. The restaurant is known for its symphony of French fusion cuisine orchestrated by Michelin-trained chefs Raphael Gries and Julien Sobolweski.

Within the restaurant is a blend of a patisserie, a deli, and an astounding array of wines.

One of the highlights of their menu lies the iconic Egg Nest—a culinary marvel boasting the richness of 20-year-old Imperial caviar sourced from the Amour River, combined with truffle cream, crispy pastry, and gravlax salmon. At the top of the delicate layers is a shimmering gold leaf.


2. The Chateubriand Sando at Wagyu Studio

Wagyu Studio proudly stands as the first overseas branch of the renowned WagyuMafia, marking its inauguration beyond Japan’s borders and in Manila.

Since the restaurant’s arrival, the branch has experienced stellar success, with its most sought-after menu item: The Chateaubriand Sando. 

Sandwiched in between buttered sando bread, the dish elevates the simple sandwich concept, merging both the nostalgia of comfort food with the pinnacle of luxury, in every tender bite. Named after the most exclusive part of the cattle, this cutlet sandwich crafts supremely tender tenderloin with a katsu sauce, and to top—a gold leaf crown.

3. A Remy Martin “Gold Fashioned” at Antonio’s PGA Cars

Antonio’s PGA Cars is known for its unique blend as a space that doubles as a showroom for luxury automobiles and a brand of culinary acclaim.

Entering the space almost feels reminiscent of a glamorous Hollywood scene, with James Bond’s Goldfinger coming to mind with this next epicurean treat.

Upon request on the first-floor bar is the “Gold Fashioned” mixed with the luxury cognac Rémy Martin XO—renowned as one of the brand’s highest quality cognacs. The tipple is artfully blended with chocolate bitters, and the pièce de résistance—a glistening adornment of gold leaf. The modern mixological twist on the classic old-fashioned elevates the drink with a Midas touch.

4. Custard Buns at China Blue in the Conrad Manila Hotel

China Blue, overseen by the esteemed celebrity master chef Jeremy Leung, redefines traditional Chinese cuisine with a contemporary flair.

The restaurant frames breathtaking Manila Bay sunsets, setting the stage for twilight with sparkling chandeliers and expansive floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

Among their culinary treasures, the house specialty steals the spotlight—the black and gold egg Custard Buns. A reasonable gourmet dim sum choice, these buns, featured as either an appetizer or dessert, entice with their steamed perfection. Encased in piping-hot, creamy, golden liquid salted egg yolk, these salted buns are the creation of China Blue’s resident chef, Eng Yew Khor, and emulate the sensation of liquid gold.

In a culinary tapestry that sparkles with gold, these exquisite dishes in Manila mirror the luxury found at SMDC Gold Residences. From the opulent Egg Nest to the shimmering Gold Fashioned, each bite resonates with the refined elegance of gilded living.

The city’s vibrant food culture aligns with the luxurious essence of SMDC Gold Residences—a celebration of elegance and a taste of the extraordinary.

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