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Giving the Gift of Life

A youthful inhabitant satisfies a desire through SMDC The Good Guys' phlebotomy venture

On the morning of the phlebotomy at Sun Residences, 21-year-old Anna Veronica 'Nikki' Niebres felt unsteady yet to some degree overjoyed. Her brain was loaded up with numerous inquiries. Would the needle hurt? Would she have enough blood to give? Is it accurate to say that she was fit as a fiddle this time?

Giving blood was consistently on her list of things to get. She'd saw how important blood gifts were the point at which a cousin got determined to have leukemia.

Nikki, a gadgets and correspondences designing alumni standing by to take the board test, consistently had a tendency toward volunteerism. She and her three kin grew up with their Mama letting them know, "Maganda ang nagbibigay kahit walang kapalit." This mantra would be tried at home when her family would give basic products to halfway houses and cataclysm survivors. Early this year, her family given staple goods for the survivors of the Taal Volcano ejection. Nikki couldn't put a finger on this worth yet she felt it was significant for her to help other people when the circumstance called for it.

She thinks ambitiously as much for others with respect to herself. She continually advises herself that she needs to be a specialist as well as a caring individual, particularly in desperate occasions. She once elected to be one of the cleaners of their town's palengke in a cleaning venture. In secondary school in Ateneo de Naga, she took an interest in good cause work in a halfway house and in different exercises that would teach the benefit of being of administration to the network among the understudies. She wants to accomplish more. "A nice thought can arrive at an injury that sympathy can mend," is a statement from life mentor Steve Maraboli that firmly reverberates with her.

Turning into a blood contributor ended up being not as simple as she suspected it would be. She missed her first endeavor to give. She attempted again however was resolved to be underweight. She was a constant late-night sleeper, a no-no for a blood benefactor. She endeavored a third time yet worry from school exercises offered ascend to another medical problem. It was one awful explanation after another. At that point, at some point, on the lift she read about a declaration of a phlebotomy movement at Sun Residences in Quezon City. At long last, one more opportunity, and at an extremely significant time when the world is battling to spare a huge number of lives! Nikki was crawling nearer to marking off an errand on her list of things to get.

The phlebotomy action is led by SM Development Corporation (SMDC) in organization with the Red Cross and the Philippine Blood Center.

It is a piece of The Good Guys crusade, which intends to sustain networks across SMDC improvements towards building cheerful, solid, secure and flourishing neighborhoods. Simultaneously, it additionally encourages unselfishness among occupants so they help SMDC inhabitants, yet in addition outside networks. The phlebotomy movement was started following the lockdown was altered to a General Community Quarantine in July. Until this point in time, the activity has given in excess of 200 sacks to the Department of Health. It has gone to eleven properties – Sun, Light, Jazz, Princeton, South, Grace, Shell, Sea, Mezza II and Trees Residences – with the mean to cover all homes in the metro. With each new phlebotomy action, the quantity of partaking occupants in every advancement increments. It has been drawing in increasingly more blood benefactors like Nikki.

From the overhang of her Sun Residences unit on the 24th floor, Nikki looks at the shimmering pool mirroring the light-orange tint of dawn, energized for the coming phlebotomy movement. Vehicles and individuals would zigzag all around the little avenues, with the bustling city calmly spread out before her. Her folks had spread out her and her kin's future when they gained the unit in 2010. Her dad, a sailor, predicted his children moving to Manila for school and felt that buying a unit near the colleges was a wise venture. It was in its pre-selling stage at that point yet her dad realized that Sun Residences would be ideal for the kids when they headed off to college. Her dad was correct: they had the option to make sure about for their children a home-away-from-home that was protected, helpful and steady of the way of life of undergrads. It has given Nikki and her kin access to the world with the minor press of a lift button.

Consistently for right around 5 years, Nikki rode a jeepney to go to her designing classes at Mapua, which is only a short distance from home. By the day's end, she would be home, arranging at the lift and trading welcomes with individual occupants. For the following not many years, Sun Residences would be home to Nikki and her kin, probinsiyanas moved from the region to the large city. They would encounter the accommodations of having a shopping center only a lift ride away. Nowadays, when not inspecting for her board test, she works out at the rec center, swims, gorges on Netflix or tunes in to old style music. On days when she needs to center for her board test, she can be found at Sun's WiFi-prepared entryway in the organization of other understudy inhabitants all things considered seeking after scholastic achievement.

The day that she'd been sitting tight for had come. Nikki made a point to adhere to the directions of her senior sister Danica, a clinical technologist. Danica offered her guidance on the most proficient method to set herself up for the phlebotomy – eat well, drink enough water, rest early and be very much refreshed.

"Kung sino man ang beneficiary ng dugo ko, sana mabuhay siya." Those words flowed through her brain when blood began streaming out of her veins.

This would be a renewed outlook for her imminent beneficiary. This phlebotomy movement is unique for her since it is to help COVID-19 patients. To have the option to broaden a life saver at this most crucial time is something she will consistently love.

Around her, there are around thirty individuals under "suero", including her sisters. They are her brethren, her Good Guys people group – related spirits giving a touch of themselves without anticipating anything consequently, as her mom is wont to say.

Her last drop of blood is gathered and her dread of the needle is no more. She's in a good place again with an upbeat heart, a grin carved all over. She can hardly wait to do it once more.

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