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Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing Your Own Bayside Retreat

Do you want to buy your own bayside retreat? Here are some questions to consider before making a commitment!

In a lot of cases, luxury comes in a multitude of different forms. For some, it is measured by their collection of designer belongings. For others, it can come in the form of cars or jewelry. However, to the discerning few, nothing quite compares to the privilege of time and space. At SMDC Sands Residences, you are offered exactly this – the reprieve of bayside solace, all whilst remaining in close proximity to the amenities that come with city life.

In your quest for a bayside retreat, questions may arise, especially if this is your first venture. From determining the ideal size of the space to pondering the number of bedrooms that best suit your needs, our perennial guide is here to provide you with all the essential knowledge before embarking on your own haven by the bay.

Additionally, we’ve had the privilege of conducting an interview with Mr. David Leechiu, the CEO of Leechiu Property Consultants, who graciously shared his invaluable insights on real estate investment.

What are the key advantages in investing in a waterfront home compared to other locations?

Condominium units with unobstructed views are highly marketable; views can be of the water, greenery, or even city skylines. They have a price premium compared to regular units. Units with views are a sign of prestige—particularly those 180° views—and they offer respite to tired eyes. The Philippines is particularly known for the Manila Bay sunset, so condominium units that offer this view are purchased for this feature. For instance, bay view units in Sands Residences currently have a price premium of about 50% versus other units in the same development—but they are still the preferred units of buyers.

Apart from the usual conveniences provided by condominium properties, units near Manila Bay are also within proximity to water activities, like yachting, dining by the bay, or even just strolling along Baywalk. There is a certain attractive ambience conveyed by waterfront living that sets it apart from inland properties. The view of the water can also be regarded as an external feature cohesive with the hotel-like amenities offered by a condominium project.

Which area is considered waterfront while still being close to the conveniences of urban living?

Properties along Roxas Boulevard, near Manila Bay, have the potential to offer unobstructed views of the bay while still being located within the metro. Metro Manila is the primary hub of commercial activity in the Philippines and since the city is highly urbanized, people would want to take a break from the hectic lifestyle. The visual retreat offered by units with views of the Manila Bay sunset coupled with relaxing living space delivers a resort haven within the city.

Condominiums along Roxas Boulevard are strategically located near malls, hotels, office developments, universities, government offices, about six kilometers from Makati CBD, nine kilometers from Bonifacio Global City, under ten kilometers from the airport, and near historical sites like Old Manila.

What is the potential for long-term appreciation and rental income in this area and what makes it a prime investment opportunity?

Bay view condominium units already command a premium at the onset due to their limited supply, and there is high potential for capital appreciation. Select developments along Roxas Boulevard recorded an average compound annual growth rate from launch date of 8%. These condominium units are also attractive to prospective tenants, such as families; students who study in nearby schools; and foreigners who want convenient access to workplace, retail, and tourism spots, among others.

What amenities and features best complement a waterfront residential condominium?

Waterfront properties are limited and projects that can boast of unobstructed bay views are scarce so projects along Roxas Boulevard, capitalize on this advantage. To complement the views, they can offer high ceilings, floor to ceiling glass walls or balconies that face sunset views. They can also offer shuttle services to gain access to waterfront activities such as yachting or sailing. In addition, the properties can offer hotel resort amenities to better complement the waterfront haven feel.

Now that you’ve gained valuable insights into real estate investment, you stand on the brink of seizing the opportunity to claim a sought-after bayside address as your own.

Sands Residences is presently in its pre-selling stage, providing you with an exclusive window to make an investment that promises exponential growth. By taking action now, you can capitalize on the ongoing appreciation of land values in this prime coastal location.As Sands Residences continues to progress, your investment stands to gain both in value and desirability.

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