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Entrepreneurship Tips To Making A Small Business Work (And Last!)

As an entrepreneur, you’ve experienced ups and downs, realizing there’s more to being a small business owner than selling goods and services.

Every successful business started as you did—with a determination to make it. How do you make your business work and thrive? If you could talk to successful entrepreneurs, this is likely what they would tell you:

Don’t quit after a setback (or five.)

If it were easy to put up a business, everyone would do it. Entrepreneurs like you are brave risk-takers. You know that working hard for what you want is more satisfying than the easy way out.

Business owners know the difference between a setback and a dead end. Learn from challenges and do better the next time around.

Delegate, delegate, delegate.

Entrepreneurs know how to do things solo, where they’re creating the product or doing the service, marketing the business, and managing finances, to name a few. Doing everything is also the quickest road to burnout.

Even some of the most well-known business owners—Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos—have hundreds of people working for them. Why shouldn’t you? Outsource your books to an accountant, and get a social media strategist to handle your marketing. It will cost you but think of your extra hands as investments and a way to free up your time. When you have time to focus on what you do best, your business will be at its best too.

Be flexible and ready to change.

Small businesses have even more flexibility than established businesses at moving when the needs of their target market change. After all, a business is all about serving a need or want. Tweaking your product or service for your target market should always be top of mind—there’s always room for improvement!

Carve out a designated workspace

With many Filipinos working from home, you’ve perhaps experienced how difficult it is to have no designated workspace. When you’re working on your dining table or taking meetings on the sofa, the line separating work and life becomes blurry.

A well-planned Residential-Small Office gives you and your thriving small business ample space to work and a comfortable place for you to relax and live.

With a co-live, co-work design, SMDC Ice Residences will support your business. Meeting rooms, communal work lounges, a business center, and leisure and wellness amenities will be available for those living and working within the property. The best part about these amenities? Since you don’t need to spend on maintenance and overhead, it won’t affect your CAPEX. That’s more profit for you!

Go hard on your workday, but rest even harder.

Entrepreneurs know the work they pour into their business, clocking in the hours and getting very little sleep. But think about it this way: If you get sick from working too hard, you won’t get to enjoy the fruits of your labor—how sad is that?

Take your rest time as seriously as you do with your work. Consider weekends and non-office hours sacred as a reward for yourself for all the work you’re doing.

At SMDC Ice Residences, there will be a fitness center, a sky lounge, meditation gardens, a lounge pool, and cabanas where you can kick back and relax when the workday is over. You’ll come back refreshed and ready to face another workday. Ready to take your small business to the next level? Take these tips to heart, and learn how to strike that work-life balance. To learn more about Ice es, visit

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