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Building Tomorrow's Homes Today: SMDC and Sustainability

As the Good Guys, they are committed to producing long-term, well-planned initiatives while also serving as a constructive catalyst for genuine change and advancement. To make inclusivity a fundamental component of everything they do, they've coined the name "Good Guys" to refer to the individuals who live, work, and play in the SMDC developments located throughout the country.

There may have been a time when the vision was simply about democratizing condo ownership, and helping bridge the national housing shortage by creating more accessible and affordable opportunities. But times have changed, and coupled with the integrity of that original primary vision, we now have sustainability, and incorporating responsible real estate development, in that vision.

As Jessica Sy, SMDC AVP – project director, emphasizes, it’s a matter now of marrying these two objectives in a consistent, safe, and intentional manner. In 2022, Jessica Sy-Bell joined ARISE Philippines and the National Resilience Council to increase awareness of, and promote disaster risk reduction in the private sector. As a “most vulnerable to natural disasters” country, it’s truly important to improve infrastructure and encourage more sustainable lifestyles through whole system thinking and design.

Industry-recognized efforts

SMDC takes pride in the numerous awards and citations it has received from bodies and organizations that have recognized how SMDC puts sustainability as a central philosophy and guiding principle to how it conducts business. These include the Best Developer – Building Sustainable Communities from Carousell Property Awards 2022, and the Special Recognition for ESG from PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards 2023.

Pillars for success

For Jessica Sy, it’s access to more than a home, but an opportunity to embrace a sustainable lifestyle. To help achieve this consistently, Jessica speaks of five SMDC pillars, and how they’ve been the keys to their success.

First, there’s the prime location of the SMDC developments. They’re located within central business districts, close to schools, major highways, and transport hubs. Secondly, you’ll find the integration of SMDC developments with commercial establishments, such as an SM mall. This is so anything the residents may need is just an elevator ride away or a matter of crossing a street. And when it’s not that near, commercial establishments that service essential needs will exist within the SMDC property.

Third, are the hotel-type lobbies, plus the friendly service of the frontliners, ensuring that each resident will feel he or she has “come home.” Fourth, are the resort-style amenities, which provide open air and green spaces, landscaped, and safe. Lastly, we have the Property Management Group, professional and conscious of how these developments have to be properly maintained for many years to come; ensuring safety, security, and investment protection and integrity. SMDC and sustainability

Multi-pronged sustainability approach

To promote sustainability, SMDC is not just about going green, but it’s about the economy, environment, and society. To achieve this integrated lifestyle, regular features at the SMDC developments include health and wellness caravans; the weekend market for fresh produce and to support local MSME’s’ a Go Green program that encourages how to reduce, reuse, and recycle; job fairs, and even start-up programs to support entrepreneurship. It’s also about applying green technology to help reduce the carbon footprint of these SMDC properties and communities.

To make condo and home ownership truly accessible and affordable to many, SMDC has made it a conscious decision to spread itself across the country. Beyond Metro Manila, there are SMDC developments in Bulacan, Pampanga, Cavite, and Laguna. In the Visayas, there’s Bacolod and Iloilo; while in Mindanao, Davao and Cagayan de Oro.

With the Good Guys, you’re in good hands. Not just for today, but for the tomorrow that we all look forward to.

Watch Jessica Sy’s full interview on SMDC’s sustainability efforts by clicking this link.

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