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At SMDC, you may up your game with a Father-Son play.

It's a sport that practically every Filipino knows or has heard of, a game that is either played or watched with bated breath. In virtually every barrio, there is a basketball court. Boys and adult males can be seen shooting hoops in open areas. The game is available on television and via electronic devices.

After all, why not? It doesn't take much to play: there's no need for a lot of room, no upkeep, no expensive equipment, and no minimum number of participants for a social game.

It's the ideal pastime for fathers and sons to bond over, plus it's healthy for your health and a lot of fun.

And who better to discuss basketball bonding than the Paras father-and-son duo, who are part of a select club of two-generation basketball stars?

Front of the competition

Benjie Paras, dubbed the "Tower of Power," has remained the standard by which rookies are judged three decades after joining the PBA. He is the only basketball player to have won both the Rookie of the Year and the MVP titles in the same season.

He's noted for his ball-handling grace and power, as well as his rebounding, deft mid-range shooting, well-timed blocking, and uncanny ability to score inside. He scored 50 points in his second month of professional basketball, never letting the veterans to intimidate him with hard plays.

One might image the burden of being the son of a Benjie Paras with such a great record.

How could Benjie ensure that his son, Andre, who was just picked by Blackwater Bossing, was not subjected to such pressure, especially since the younger Paras began playing basketball in elementary school, during his father's peak basketball season?

With the following revelations, Benjie gives away the game:

He never missed a game, but he made sure he was out of the way of the rowdy throng.

He delegated his son's coaching to his son's coaches.

He never chastised his son for playing a "poor" game, and he never even addressed it.

He prioritized his son's enjoyment of the game.

Games and amusement

Andre will begin playing professionally next month, and Benjie's excellent counsel is for him to simply enjoy the game. “Relax. Keep an eye on the action. Have fun with it. Expect nothing,” Benjie advises Andre in the special Father's Day episode of The Good Fit, which premieres on Sunday, June 20 on SMDC The Good Life.

Andre is reminded by Benjie of how the younger Paras developed good defense skills on their own. Andre saw basketball as a side hobby when he first started playing amateur basketball because he was more focused on his showbiz profession at the time. Benjie claims that it was because of this mentality that he excelled, as he trusted his intuition.

Don't put yourself under any unnecessary stress. “Just get in there, have fun with your teammates, and enjoy the game,” the father advises.

Enjoy more of Benjie and Andre's tips, knowledge, and witty quips via The Good Fit as they compete in a game showdown at SMDC Field Residences during Father's Month.

It's game time!

Invest in a facility that allows you to bond with your young family while being active and having fun if you want to step up your game and score big.

Consider renting a space at SMDC. Its large, open spaces are ideal for father-son bonding time as they embark on their basketball journey with Benjie and Andre, who learned the game as a young kid in their neighborhood

The calm indulgence of a hushed neighborhood with plenty of greenery meets the amenities and trappings of a cosmopolitan home at SMDC Residences.

The resort-style amenities, tree-lined open areas, and mini-parks at SMDC provide the ideal setting for healthy outdoor activities and family bonding. Indoor basketball courts are available in several households if you want to shoot some hoops.

Are you prepared to step up your game?

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