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Air Residences: Providing a demeanor of solace in a bustling city

Occupants need not stress over being separated in light of the fact that all that they need is only a stage away in Air Mall, the implicit business improvement inside Air Residences.

Makati has consistently been a spot wanted by many — regardless of whether to work or to live. As the city where the essential monetary region sits — with its sparkling lodgings and transcending condos for youthful experts and large supervisors the same — Makati is the nation's rendition of Manhattan, Tokyo or London. The spirit and complexity noticeable all around are practically substantial in this lively and throbbing city.

In the core of the budgetary area is the uber prime spot of Ayala Avenue, where land esteems have soar since a very long time past, and where there's not really any accessible space any longer for both office and private.

In any case, the individuals who need to claim a bit of Makati shouldn't quit at this time.

You could possibly have your last possibility, on account of SMDC's Air Residences in Makati, simply a short distance from the monetary center point.

Air Residences is deliberately found right off Ayala Avenue, bringing occupants directly at the doorstep of accomplishment.

The area, unmistakably, gives a noteworthy incentive — inside the monetary locale, yet away from the irritating group. You're in the area yet not in the clogged part.

As the clamoring Ayala is Makati's throbbing heart, Air Residences simply off the tip of the bustling road is the place you can get some air.

Achievable LUXURY

Air Residences, set for finishing and turnover this year, sits on a 8,056 sqm parcel behind the Makati Fire Station and Post Office. It is a one-tower, 59-story advancement, with a bi-level convenience region.

The outside scene mirrors a tip top, lavish and insightfully arranged climate, planned by ALN (Adrian L. Norman Limited), a Hong Kong-based firm that is famous in the fields of scene engineering, metropolitan plan and ace arranging.

The private units reflect feasible extravagance, offering roomy and fastidiously arranged living territories, encircled by top notch luxuries. All these, without using up every last cent. Truth be told, to add to the arrangement, a restricted compensation term of P31,000 per month for two years as down payment, makes Air Residences a brilliant land venture.


Today, the units are ready for the picking and to anybody seeing a future in Makati, this must be your most ideal decision in this time when there's not really any space left accessible in the Central Business District's prime regions.

With Air Residences, SMDC satisfies its guarantee of empowering Filipinos to "enjoy a luxurious lifestyle."

This is conceivable with that sentiment of security, getting a feeling of great gaiety, and the benefit to encounter life's little extravagances.

How can one experience easy street in Air Residences? It begins directly at the entryway.

At the point when you enter the roomy lodging like entryway of Air Residences, you are genially invited by the concierge. You are hypnotized by the insides that ooze rich living, and help you to remember opulent five-star inns in Hong Kong, London and New York: the huge, agreeable couches, high roofs, and the dull gleaming floors that differentiate and mirror the shimmering lights from the mod lighting apparatuses.

Each private unit is semi-outfitted with a reach hood, fridge, cooktop, microwave and cooling unit, and is decked with premium completions like a marble kitchen ledge, and perfect tiles that stretch the whole living region. The unit subtleties spell extravagance, in a space that is reasonable and fit to be involved when it's turned over.

Underlying MALL

Occupants need not stress over being separated in light of the fact that all that they need is only a stage away in Air Mall, the inherent business advancement inside Air Residences.

Widely acclaimed engineering firm Arquitectonica, the Florida-settled firm behind Miami's Brickell City Center and the dynamic SM Mall of Asia Complex, planned the bi-level shopping center, strategically placed right at the ground floor of the turn of events.


Occupants will feel like they're forever billeted in a top notch lodging with the elegant courtesies of Air Residences — two rambling floors for various types of recreation exercises for all ages.

On the seventh floor is an intelligent pool, seating recesses, a pool table, billiards for the novices and bosses the same, table tennis for the individuals who are tested by the rapid ball game, gaming back street for the individuals who would prefer not to perspire excessively, a child's play area for the youthful ones, and a games and yoga porch for the individuals who simply need to utilize a few muscles or do some descending canine.

Only above, on the eight story, are the extensive pool choices — there's a relaxation and lap pool, a pool island, and a pool structure with a sun deck. For the individuals who need to have a few gatherings, a grill patio that watches out to the arranged nursery territories, is spotted with lounges where one can breathe easy.

Children will likewise have a lot of the luxury zone, with a play pool and a play area.


The honors got via Air Residences are a sign that the improvement is in fact a-list.

It has packed away the Best High-end Condo Interior Design at the seventh Philippine Property Awards a year ago and Best High-ascent Condo Interior Design (Philippines) for the 2019 Asia Property Awards.

It was likewise exceptionally lauded for both Best High-end Condo Development and Best High-end Condo Architectural Design.

Notwithstanding, what makes Air Residences a genuine winning speculation are the solid returns delighted in by the speculators. Since it was dispatched in 2014, the improvement has recorded an aggravated yearly development pace of 14 percent, offering a convincing venture recommendation.


With the quality of complexity, and the solace and comfort that Air Residences gives, this advancement will doubtlessly fit the two expats and local people the same, regardless of whether as a spot to live or as a speculation resource. Air Residences won't frustrate.

The circumstance of this advancement is moreover faultless as it comes in front of the Makati Subway Project. The leader transportation framework will have 10 stations, including one right by the Makati Fire Station, a short distance from Air Residences.

The proposed tram would associate central issues in Makati, for example, the core of the Central Business District along Ayala Avenue, the Makati City Hall, the Poblacion Heritage Site, the University of Makati, Ospital ng Makati and the other new business locale inside the city.

Outside AIR

In the clamoring and sparkling City of Makati, Air Residences absolutely fits in, however with its rich insides, all around named pleasantries, fully open spaces and extravagant scene, it raises city-living a few steps higher, as it gives its occupants that much needed refresher — precisely what one needs in a day in and day out throbbing metropolitan locale.

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