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A Gentle Reboot @ Mezza

A spirit of transformation is taking place in Sta. Mesa, where the old, genteel neighborhoods are being re-energized with the rich colors and textures of Mezza Residences. Poised at the corner of Aurora Boulevard and Araneta Avenue, the development ushers in the lifestyle of the new millennium, while preserving the well-mannered essence of the district. 

The four towers of the Mezza Residences are designed with space in mind. Choose from one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom units, ranging from 21 square meters to 134 square meters. Whether you're starting on your own or starting a new family, you'll appreciate the many amenities placed to expand the pleasures of living here. Aside from a pool, gym and children's playground, there are gazebos, sprawling lawns and barbecue areas, an M-bar, and landscape open spaces, along with a Wifi-enabled common area. The Mezza Strip, replete with restaurants, shops, a supermarket, and banks, completes the total experience.

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