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A chef for others | One toque at a time, an SMDC Trees resident transforms lives.

Chef Eugene Arador's toque has 100 folds to signify the many jobs he plays: chef, food consultant, instructor, entrepreneur, husband, father, and happy community member of SMDC Trees Residences.

He never dreamed his career as a pastry chef in Macau would lead him to a position where he could make a difference in people's lives.

In a Foreign Kitchen, a Filipino Chef

His job as a Pastry Chef in Macau was a happy accident because he was just there to conduct research. One thing led to another, and he found himself with a job offer as a Pastry Chef before he knew it. “I was really inquisitive when working in pastry - nakialam ako sa cold kitchen,” he laughs. Macau was unknown terrain that led to the discovery of a whole new world. “Dito ko naramdaman na madami pa pala akong dapat matutunan.” He was in charge of supervising a whole brigade of international cooks after an inherent drive to learn led him to examine everything around him.

Working in a foreign kitchen posed some difficulties. He kept his great work ethic throughout it all. He longingly recalls, "Noong una, hangin lang ako." There were times when he worked long hours. “Go home, it's late,” his supervisors would urge, but he'd remind them, "I need to finish my work." Ang trabaho ko, hindi ako uuwi nang hindi.”

“Am I satisfied with my work?” he would question himself frequently. ” He was careful not to destroy the Filipino's image, but he also understood that impressing the employers wasn't the only goal. “I was giving it my all because kung maganda ang kalidad ng trabaho mo, mas masarap magtrabaho.”

Sacrifices and Lifelong Education

He gradually gained notoriety for his work as a newcomer. When his passion for teaching resurfaced, he chose to leave his work and return home, despite his managers' best efforts to persuade him to stay. “However, teaching was my true calling. I felt compelled to go because I believed it would allow me to better assist others.”

He returned to the Philippines knowing that his income would be significantly lower than what he was earning overseas, possibly his greatest sacrifice, but not without taking with him valuable life lessons. “Learning is a never-ending process, so you must adapt.” If you don't, you can wake up to find that you don't have a job because you're napag-iwanan.”

Pleasures of Success

Chef Eugene eagerly shares life's lessons, guided by the question, "Sino ang papalit sa mga gaya ko sa susunod na henerasyon?" A doting father to a 12-year-old and a mentor to countless students, the majority of whom are underprivileged, Chef Eugene eagerly shares life's lessons, guided by the question, "Sino ang papalit sa mga gaya k

He wants to teach his daughter the same qualities he teaches his students: humility and finding one's real vocation. “I constantly teach them the importance of having a positive mindset because all of the other hard skills can be learned easily on YouTube.”

He's determined to turn his classroom into a learning environment for them. His classes are more than just lectures; they are tools for them to explore and achieve new heights. “I often remind my pupils that learning is your industry's weapon. Walang mangyayari if you don't have it.”

The Cradle's Rocker's Hand

His mornings at SMDC Trees Residences are spent jogging and spending quality time with his wife and children before going to work during the day. Everything else in his neighborhood is a vibrant existence full of adventures. “Living at Trees Residences is like being part of a big family. We have pleasant neighbors who exchange birthday greetings.

We have weekend markets and supermarkets, so food is available at all times, as well as 24-hour security, modern conveniences, and easily accessible transportation. Everything is right here - very convenient!” He is enthralled. “It is invaluable to be able to live in such a wonderful environment.”

This nurturing community spirit and a worry-free life at Trees Residences lets Chef Eugene pursue things that matter to him. “Ang mabago ko ang buhay ng isang estudyante at ng kanyang pamilya – that is my goal.” Standing out among the many pleats on his toque are the success stories of his students.“Ang marinig ko sa estudyante ko na,” said Sir, the restaurant manager. Or, Sir, if I am engaged abroad, this is pure enjoyment for me.”

SMDC Trees Residences might be described as the hand that rocks the cradle, allowing this dedicated chef to alter the world one toque at a time.

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